The year 2020 has brought many difficult scenarios to our forefront. Health care workers have come together in amazing ways, but they continue to face challenges with their PPE. Our belief at DRAFT is that every problem has a solution.

DRAFT wanted to help meet the needs of our first responders and those working the front lines. We have developed an innovative patent pending device that easily attaches to any PPE, making almost any respirator or mask able to be retrofitted with our DIRECTED RADIAL AIR FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY APPARATUS, thus, ensuring a healthier more comfortable breathing option.

This non-powered air filtration apparatus, attached to any medical device defined as a respirator or mask, enables the user to experience a cooler and refreshing difference, allowing an overall healthier method of protecting individuals exposed to dangerous environments due to the elimination of re-breathed air in the breathing cavity which is the standard method in today’s PPE appliances.

Draft’s innovation is a truly disruptive and groundbreaking medical device that will completely change how safety respiration equipment is utilized in the future. This inexpensive, reusable device is not only comfortable and healthier for the user, if the user happened to be personally infected with the contagious disease due to the significant elimination of exhaled breath, the user would be breathing in a significant less amount of contagious aerosols as oppossed to certain recommendations and policies in public and in the hospital itself when sick patients as they must wear a mask and continuousely rebreath their contagious areosols over and over again. Our optional added extension to our apparatus also ensures the majority of the exhaled air is expelled into the center of a filter allowing a minimization of aerosols to be spread to the general public depending on what level protection mask the user has attached our device too.

As research and development of sterilization methods improve, we believe the safety and health industry will soon be able to reutilize disposable respirators and masks without an EAU, but as standard protocol, utilizing our World Changing retrofitted apparatus and ensuring limited exposure to humidity therefore ensuring the filter medium on the inside of the breathing cavity is in like new condition if used properly.

With the help of the scientific community coming together and further analyzing our device, along with new procedures, we can ensure the current standard of safety to be improved dramatically. As today’s pandemic standards of supplying medical workers with five respirators and having each individual be responsible to store disposable respirators in an individual breathable bag, which allows for the release of humidity, and the assumption that the infectious particles will diminish after one week, along with the assumption, they are able to reuse their supplied mask the following week, up to 5 weeks if necessary, due to lack of critical infrastructure not available to utilize for their safety. Our belief is, if one were to reduce the humidity in the breathing cavity significantly, such as by using our device easily attached to the workers respirator or mask, one could slow the deterioration involved in moisture within the breathing cavity which is a significant factor in reducing the effectiveness of the filtration media, one would surmise an increase in the effectiveness and health of our current medical workers and first responders. Therefore, when people are once again impacted by a local or global infectious disease spread, we can take our first responders health to a higher standard than we were able to during this moment in history of Covid-19.