Dr. John Bilello, CSO-GRA Institute, NP

Position :
Accepted Chief Science Officer at our sister non-profit Global Respiratory Advocates Institute and Health Advocate

About Me

My research interest has been in defining the molecular aspects of pathogenesis to impact the diagnosis, treatment, and rational development of therapeutics viral-induced diseases. Based upon his HIV research, I was Senior Therapeutic Area Advisor for Antivirals at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)). Later, I became the Director of Technology Development in Translational Medicine and Genetics. A member of GSK’s Human Biomarker laboratory, I developed biomarker panels to develop new therapeutics. I am an advocate of the belief that disease understanding and technological advancements can impact the disconnect between discovery and the product development process. I was a founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Ridge diagnostics where I developed a biomarker-based test for major depressive disorder. I was also a co-founder of Innovalyst a life science consulting company supporting innovative research and development.


B.S. Biology, City College of New York, New York, NY

M.A. Microbiology, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

Ph.D. Molecular Biology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY


Professional Experience

Principal, Innovalyst ICAN LLC Parkville, MD: 2018-Present

Scientific Officer, Atlantic Diagnostics Laboratories, Bensalem PA: 2017-2018

President and CSO, Ridge Diagnostics, Durham NC: 2006-2016

Director, Technology Development, Translational Med.&Tech. GlaxoSmithKline, RTP NC: 2002-2005

Senior Therapeutic Area Advisor, Clinical Pharmacol. Experimental Med. GSK, RTP NC: 2002

Director Preclinical R&D, VIRCO Lab USA, Rockville, MD: 2001

Director Preclinical R&D, SRA Life Sciences, Rockville, MD: 1998-2000

Visiting Scientist, SRA Life Sciences, Rockville, MD: 1996-1998

Director HIV Laboratories, Dept of Medicine, Division of Clinical Pharmacology, Albany Medical College, Albany NY: 1993-1998

Associate Professor, Dept of Medicine and Dept of Pharmacology Albany Medical College: 1992-1998

Associate Professor, Dept. of Medicine, Microbiology and Program in Oncology, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD: 1989-1992

Chief, Molecular Biology Laboratory, VA Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

Assistant Professor, Microbiology and Oncology, of Maryland School of Medicine: 1985-1989

Instructor in Oncology, The Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD: 1981-1983

Wissen schaftlicher Assistant, Dept of Molecular Biology, Institute for Physiological Chemistry University of Hamburg. Hamburg, Germany: 1977-1981



NY State Scholarship; Special Doctoral Fellowship SIU; NIH Research Fellowship, Albert Einstein Coll. Med.;

Volkswagen Fellowship, University of Hamburg; Bressler Foundation Research Awards (3 separate Awards) University of Maryland.


Editor Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (1995-2012)

Member, IMST-12 SBIR, Devices and Detection Systems Review Panel, NIH, 2009

Member, NIH Challenge Grants Review Panel, NIMH, NIH 2009

Member, HIV/AIDS Clinical Trial Network Review Panel, NIAID, NIH, 2006

Member, HIV/AIDS Prevention Trials Network Review Panel, NIAID, NIH. 2005

Member, SBIR/STTR SSS-2 Study Section on Proteomic Technologies, CSR, NIH 2003-2004

Contributions to Science-Patents Granted

US 8,158,374 – Materials and Methods related to diagnosing a clinical condition in a subject, or determining the subject’s predisposition to develop the clinical condition, using a multi-parameter system to measure a plurality of parameters and an algorithm to determine a disease score.


US 8,450,077 – Materials and methods related to materials and methods for diagnosing or assessing a clinical condition in a subject, or determining a subject’s predisposition to develop a clinical condition, using algorithms to determine a disease score based upon a combination of parameters.


US 8,440,418 – Materials and methods for using combinations of metabolic syndrome and HPA axis biomarkers for monitoring major depressive disorder.


JAPAN 5663314Materials and Methods for Diagnosing and Monitoring Major Depressive Disorder assessing a clinical condition in a subject,


JAPAN 5658571- Inflammatory Biomarkers for Monitoring Depression Disorders assessing a clinical condition in a patient with a depression disorder.


JAPAN 5540000-Human Biomarker Hypermapping for Depressive Disorders. Materials and Methods for Hypermapping patient data in 3-Dimensional Space.


JAPAN 5767973- Metabolic Syndrome and HPA Axis Biomarkers for Monitoring Major Depressive Disorders. Using multiple biomarkers (MSX and HPA) to monitor the response of patients to treatment of Major Depressive Disorder.


JAPAN 5744063Multiple Biomarker Panels to Stratify Disease Severity and Monitor Treatment of Depression


WIPO 2337866 -Human Biomarker Hypermapping for Depressive Disorders. Materials and Methods for Hypermapping patient data in 3-Dimensional Space.

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