Paul Milton

Position : CTO-Chief Technical Officer

My Education:

Bachlor of Science, Electrical Engineering

University of California, Irvine. Irvine, CA

My Previous Relevant Experience:

G&M Compliance, CEO & Co-Founder (present)

What I Can Bring to DRAFT ™.

My company, G&M compliance, Inc was started in 1997 by a group of engineers with a vision of using our technical expertise and understanding of certification requirements to help manufacturers obtain domestic and European certifications.  We are experts in ensuring our clients get their products compliant with U.S. and Canadian market requirements expeditiously.  We work diligently with our clients to determine the best fit for certification and ensure documents are filed properly.  Our focus is to provide a streamlined and smooth process sour customers spend time focusing on growing their business.

 As a small business CEO and entrepreneur, my experience will be tailored to help co-develop manufacturing, distribution plants, alongside Mark Millard.  Our combined engineering, mine in Electrical Engineering and his in Mechanical Engineering make us a unique team to collaborate and ensure the creation of a well planned out structures and flow from every processes starting with the research and development to the finished product delivered to the end user.

I believe my relationship with DRAFT™ will enable our team of professionals to focus on growing and scaling the manufacturing and distribution of innovative respiratory equipment to a global market. The pandemic has demonstrated the critical need for effective and inexpensive respiratory equipment worldwide. I am confident our team will help DRAFT™ conquer and forge a path to bring great change to all respiratory products around the Globe.