While the World was and is currently struggling to endure the drudgery of donning uncomfortable masks or respirators, DRAFT has come up with an idea that will change the way people breathe while utilizing safety equipment. The revolutionary idea will save consumers, employers, and governments significant money, while at the same time improve the individual lives of the workforce who are required to utilize respirators to equip with the highest level of protection required by OSHA standards to diminish exposure to airborne infectious agents and gaseous chemical exposures.

Pioneers of the past have pushed through to share their discoveries with the world. DRAFT is determined to be a new dawn of pioneers in the present, bringing you an idea so accessible, so safe and effective, and at an affordable cost. We know the struggles this pandemic has brought to the forefront of the world. We are giving the people something more: A chance to breathe in fresh air, while wearing any mask, without the worry of Co2, humidity, or objectionable smells just by attaching our apparatus to their mask which fits all shapes and sizes of masks and individuals. This new approach in innovation will offer mankind the tools necessary to have a better quality of life.

DRAFT’s future goals are to continue to make a better breathing experience with minimal cost ensuring our ability to scale this life changing device is accessable to all who want a safer more comfortable method of safety equipment, and other likeminded giving and socially conscience organizations to help send our medical device apparatus around the Globe. DRAFT will continue to strive to bring our products around the globe and leave no area behind, to help all people from all socioeconomics the ability to recover quicker and bring back comfort and respect to all in achieving adequate safety and healthcare during this unprecedented moment in history to try to minimize the infectious diseases now and in the future.

DRAFT: A Better Breathing Experience

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