0 Our Mission – DRAFT™
DRAFT™ Mission Is Simple
  • Alleviate Discomfort

  • Maintain Health & Safety

  • Extend Life Through “New” Voluntary Compliance

Expecting enforcement or compliance with uncomfortable PPE has never been successful at reducing occupational or infectious respiratory disease. Avoidable disease can stop with “Comfortable” PPE. DRAFT™ mask and respiratory products will soon be manufactured with an apparatus which allows for No heat, No Humidity, No Bad Smells to remain in the breathing cavity. Soon safety respiratory products will be voluntarily worn and improve the health and lives of all workers exposed to hazardous environments.

How beneficial is safety equipment if you cant tolerate wearing it?

Question: How Does DRAFT™ Quantify Comfort?

Answer: Heat Index

The definition of heat index is a measure indicating the level of discomfort the average person is thought to experience as a result of the combined effects of the temperature and humidity of the air.

DRAFT™ has been tested to show a 40°F reduction in heat index between the use of a standard N95 respirator and the same N95 respirator equipped with DRAFT™.

Our innovative technology solves one of the greatest challenges standing in the way of stopping the Avoidable Respiratory Disease for Occupational and Infectious Disease Exposures: A Breakthrough Advancement in PPE “Comfort” which delivers “Voluntary Compliance.”

The DESIGN FLAW SOLVED™ when You Want 2 Wear™ Your PPE

Occupational Disease Prevention

Infectious Disease Prevention

Warfighter Readiness & Resiliency

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