Mark Millard

Position : COO- Chief Operating Officer

My Education:

Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

1989 University of Michigan, BSE ME with Honors

My Previous Relevant Experience:

Dalton & Mackenzie, LLC:  CTO, DBA: 2 Advanced Mechanical Design (Present)

DTE Energy, Michigan

What I Can Bring to DRAFT ™.

After three decades of service in the Engineering Department for Distribution and Transmission Gas Utility, DTE Energy, the time was finally right to pursue another mission to serve the public. A lifelong problem-solver, I have always been drawn to innovation and expertise, and I am dedicated to pursuing a second career in respiratory safety equipment development. I also have several years of experience managing a construction company and designing and building homes from scratch. Time spent on job sites with construction contractors who struggled with face mask and respirator compliance is what inspired me to enter the respiratory safety market and create products that can better protect workers and individuals in all sectors of industry. I am skilled in both CAD and CAM, and my areas of focus include research and development, prototype design and testing, and designing with safety, cost-effectiveness, sustainability and scalability in mind.